Acid Green 50

Synonym: 12078 Green, Acid Brilliant Green BS, Acid Green 50, Acid Green BS, Acid Green RS, Acid Leather Green S, Acidal Wool Green BS, Acilan Green BS, Amacid Wool Green S, Ariavit Green S, Brilliant Acid Green BS, Bucacid Wool Green, C.I. 44090, C.I. Acid Green 50, C.I. Acid Green 50 (7CI), C.I. Food Green 4, Calcocid Green S, Calcocid Green SB, Dycosacid Green BS, E 142, Edicol Supra Green B, Edicol Supra Green BS, Erio Green S, Eurocert Green S 312524, Green H 002, Green S, Hexacol Green S, Hidacid Wool Green, hydroxide, inner salt, Kiton Green S, Lissamine Green B,Methanaminium, Lissamine Green BN (6CI), Methanaminium, monosodium salt, monosodium salt (8CI), monosodium salt (9CI), N-[4-[[4-(dimethylamino)phenyl](2-hydroxy-3,6-disulfo-1-naphthalenyl)methylene]-2,5-cyclohexadien-1-ylidene]-N-methyl-, Naphthazine Green S, Pharmacid Green S, sodium salt (1:1), Sumitomo Wool Green S, Unitertracid Green BS, Vondacid Green S, Water Green 176558, Water Green SX, Wool Green BS, Wool Green BSNA, Wool Green MS, Wool Green S, Wool Green SF, Wool Green SG
Linear Formula: C27H25N2O7S2.Na
Molecular Weight: 576.62
CAS Number: 3087-16-9

Acid Green 50


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DRE-C10028450 4-8 tuần - FROM

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100 mg 1.788.000

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