H.B.C Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, through a process of development, HBC has built and strengthened trust, a reliable bridge between customers and manufacturers. In addition, we do not allow ourselves to be merely a supplier of chemical products and technology, but invest in high quality people, effective working tools to be ready to answer, solve and accompany our customers before, during and after using our company’s services. Every opportunity comes from our customers, we always cherish and always make efforts to bring the most satisfaction.

Company Core Values

Prestige – Improvement – Trust

Prestige:  Prestige is always a top priority during the customer service process. Correct consultation with customers, transparency of information throughout the supply process, quick support after-sales.

Improvement: We are always enthusiastic to receive feedback from customers to continuously improve service quality. Each member of HBC is always conscious of self-renewal after each experience is summarized, each success achieved. All are oriented to customer satisfaction.

Trust: Trust is the final result we achieve, is the most valuable reward of the team and each member of HBC.

HBC’s member